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At the heart of Control Techniques intelligent drives are their automation capabilities, this is achieved through click-in drive option modules that provide high speed access to the drives real-time parameter set. These option modules are configured though SyPTPro, a professional drive-programming toolkit for high performance machinery applications.

The software provides a full featured programming environment for PLC and motion control onboard Control Techniques AC, DC and servo drives, together with full network configuration for systems combining drives, I/O and operator interfaces. 

SyPTPro is designed for use with Control Techniques SM-Applications range of option modules onboard Unidrive SP, Affinity, Digitax ST or Mentor MP drives, the software provides a programming environment for high performance motion and PLC functionality.

Each applications option module incorporates it’s own dedicated high-performance microprocessor to ensure high speed program execution.

Drive-to-drive networking

Linking multiple drives, I/O, operator interfaces and PC based devices together enables Control Techniques to build high performance automation systems. SYPTPro is used to easily and quickly configure CTNet, a deterministic industrial network that is robust and tolerant to noise and interference. A single CTNet network may connect to up to 255 nodes, with up to 20 nodes in a segment and segments connected together using hubs, allowing large or small drive systems to be managed and extended.

Programming environment

The SyPTPro multitasking environment allows you to configure both event and time based tasks that are synchronized to the drives internal control loops. This allows you to reduce delays which enhances performance and prioritize your software according to the speed of execution and determinism required. SyPTPro supports three industry standard programming languages giving you the flexibility to use the most appropriate language for each part of your application, helping you to write software that is structured and re-usable. The three languages are Function Block, Ladder and DPL (Drive Programming Language) structured text.

Motion and position control

SyPTPro can be used to configure high performance motion control systems using Control Techniques APC (Advanced Position Controller) that provides highly flexible motion functionality including complex positioning, cams and electronic gearing.

Program development, diagnostics and monitoring

To reduce the time required to develop new programs, program Stepping and Breakpoints can be configured allowing the SyPTPro program to be paused or stepped to de-bug software. While a program is being executed, SyPTPro shows the real-time values within Function Block, Ladder and DPL structured text programs. In addition watch windows can be created that show the real-time status from multiple variables across different nodes across a CTNet network.

Protect your intellectual property

SyPTPro gives you the option to protect your knowledge by choosing to download only the compiled binary file, and not the embedded source file to the application module. This binary file is not up-loadable and so ensures that your intellectual property remains yours. User Defined Function Blocks allows you to develop your own function block library and package them into secure binary files. The library may then be distributed and used in other programs. The binary file does not contain the original source code, and so your intellectual property remains protected.

SyPTPro is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

SyPTPro can be used with the following Control Techniques drives:

Unidrive SP SM-Applications Lite V2 No
Unidrive SP SM-Applications Plus Yes
Digitax ST Indexer On-board No
Digitax ST Plus On-Board Yes
Mentor MP SM-Applications Lite V2 No
Mentor MP SM-Applications Plus Yes
Affinity SM-Applications Lite V2 No
Affinity SM-Applications Plus Yes

The amount of memory available for user application is:

Flash size available (for user program) 384kb
RAM size available (for user variables) 80kb


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