NT Series

Compact NEMA or Metric Flange AC Servo Motor

NT Series Servo Motors

The Nidec Motion NT brushless AC servo motor is designed to be a compact, yet powerful motor. Continuous torque values range from 0.85 to 6.3 Nm, with peak values of 22.5 to 166 Nm. A gearbox can further increase the torque values, while the standard 2048 encoder insures precision movement. The NT Servo motor comes standard with IP65 conformance, as well as a shaft seal.

The NT Servo motor offers several options:
•    Available in six sizes;
•    24V holding brake available upon request;
•    Food-grade white epoxy finish;
•    Available with IP67S or IP68S ingress protection;
•    English (NEMA 23 or 34) or Metric (IED-72-1) flanges.

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