AGV Motors

Motors for autonomous guided vehicles

AGV Motors

Nidec Motion Control offers AGV motor and drive solutions that are tailored to suit your application’s needs. We have extensive experience designing, customizing and manufacturing AGV subsystems and components for some of the world’s largest AGV companies. Whether it is a drive system, lifting system or indexing system, Nidec Motion Control has the ability to provide a well-constructed, economic solution. Our designs allow for the stable and reliable service you would expect from the world’s no. 1 comprehensive motor manufacturer.

With our large selection of products, Nidec can provide a wide range of motors, drives and gearboxes that can be configured for your exact specifications.

Please contact us to get more information or to discuss how the engineers at Nidec Motion Control can help provide a solution that fits your needs.


LD AGV Motor
Continuous torque: 1.45 Nm to 10.2 Nm
Rated speeds: 1000 to 6000 rpm, with additional options available upon request
Brake option available
Multiple connector types available
Multiple feedback options

SU Series
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 60Vdc
Power: 200W or 400W (Higher Power Ratings available upon request)
Ratios: Standard 21:1 or 28:1
Gearbox is integrated for ultra-compact design
Multiple feedback options available

OR Series AGV Motor
Rated Speed: 500 rpm
Rated Torque:  5 Nm
Max Torque:  12 Nm
Voltage: 48Vdc
Ingress Protection:  IP43
FF Series Motor
Rated Motor Power: 518W
Rated Gearmotor Output Torque: 43 Nm
Peak Gearmotor Output Torque: 270 Nm
Rated Gearbox Output Speed: 115rpm
10:1 Precision Planetary Gearbox
Voltage: 48Vdc

SP52 Motor
Rated Power: 251W
Rated Torque: .8 Nm
Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
Rated Voltage: 41Vdc-54Vdc

Lifter Motor
Rated Torque: 14 Nm
Peak Torque: 21 Nm
Rated Speed 1200 rpm

Contact Us to customize for your application.

  EV Traction Motor
Torque Capacity: Up to 13,000 Nm
Gear Ratios: Up to 125:1 Ratio
Radial Load: Up to 10,000 Lbs.
IP Rating: IP65
Rated Voltages: 208V – 460V

Steering Motor
Rated Torque: .72 to 85 Nm
Peak Torque: 255 Nm
Rated for 230 VAC and 460 VAC

Contact Us to customize for your application.

  ULV Drives
Input voltages range from 10-90 Vdc
Peak Currents range from 15A to 150A
Dual-channel drive available
CANopen Support
Integrated options available

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