50th Anniversary Roundtable

Discussing drives technology development over the past five decades

Engineering Through the Ages: 50 Years of Evolution

As we mark the 50th Anniversary of Control Techniques, we got together for a roundtable discussion hosted by Andy Quenault of DPA Magazine to explore the incredible development of drives technology over the past five decades.

From the switch from DC to AC drives, to the introduction of IGBT technology, to advancements in silicon-based technologies, the landscape of drives has been constantly evolving. We're discussing the changes in the marketplace, as well as how drives have needed to become more tailored as a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't really work anymore.

Our drive obsessives delve into what goes into developing both new and existing products, and how materials and manufacturing processes are optimised for the best possible results.

Looking to the future, the discussion explores cutting-edge developments such as AI, and how these new technologies are being incorporated into reliable drives of the future.

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