Control Techniques Pick Up Three Awards In Transform Awards North America 2021

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Control Techniques Pick Up Three Awards In Transform Awards North America 2021

DEC 10, 2021


Way back in 2018 the decision was taken to create a new identity for Control Techniques, touching every part of the organisation. Following a change in ownership it became evident that there was some confusion in the marketplace over who Control Techniques is, and where it stood in a modern competitive landscape. It was a good time to completely realign the business to set it up for the future.

And so, it began, looking for Creative Branding Consultants that we were confident could deliver what we were looking for. We chose to collaborate with GW & Co a consultancy of strategists and creatives from across Europe. Their priority is to help their clients find their advantage, speak in their own unique voice, and build compelling brands that communicate effectively.

It took two years of insight gathering and many workshops to understand what was missing and how best to move forward. The result of this work culminated in a fresh new look and voice for Control Techniques and a live brand launch event in the October of 2020.

With the launch of our new identity, we took things back to square one and tried to answer the fundamental questions facing any organisation. The outcome of each stage informed the next, which has led us to the launch of this exciting new brand. Control Techniques has been active for nearly 50 years, so there was a lot of heritage we had built up. By focusing on our strengths, we developed a bold new vision for the future of our organisation, confirming our position as a challenger to the establishment.

The confidence we have in our new identity made entering the Transform Awards North America, alongside GW & Co a no brainer;

We know our brand is awesome, but to be recognised by the Transform Awards North America for 2021 is a massive achievement for a drives business. Picking up one GOLD award for Best use of Copy Style or Tone of Voice and two SILVER awards for Best Brand Development Project to reflect a change of Mission, Values or Positioning and Best Visual Identity from the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector.

Transform Awards North America recognise those companies and agencies that best exemplify the transformational power of rebranding and brand design. Each entry was examined by a panel of expert judges, who determined those that excelled in best practice in corporate, product and global brand design and strategy.

Control Techniques are making great headway in the industry right now, meaning the decision taken back in 2017 has been proven to be a good one.  We are a challenger with a big name in the drives industry. Thanks to a strong new brand we know we empower innovators to move the world, one revolution at a time.;

We are proud and beyond happy to be recognised for our efforts and feel honoured to have partnered with GW & Co to create a challenger brand that stands out in a crowded drives market.

Anthony Pickering, President of Control Techniques, adds: “Control Techniques has, for too long, been the best-kept secret in the drives world. Not anymore. We were the original drives brand, with a long history of industry-firsts. We have reason to shout, and reason to be confident. This exciting new identity has helped us get people’s attention and put us back where we feel we belong. Having our identity and tone of voice recognised in this way simply confirms what I have always known. We are and always will be drive obsessed."

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