PLC Controlled Motion
Software for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET systems
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PLC Controlled Motion greatly simplifies the integration of Control Techniques drives into EtherNet/IP and PROFINET based system controllers. Composed of two parts, the EtherNet/IP Add-On Instructions (AOI) or PROFINET Function Block (FB) set for the PLC and a guided setup within the Connect PC tool, the process of creating the PLC control logic and configuring the powerful onboard motion capabilities of the drive is greatly simplified.

By utilizing the high-performance Advanced Motion Controller (AMC) inside the drive not only yields significant performance benefits but gives the possibility to create complex and high-performance motion control without the need for specialized PLCs or motion controllers.

Installation and Configuration

A single installation will load all the AOI/FB function block sets and documentation required, as well as example projects to get the application up and running as quickly as possible.

PLC Controlled Motion fully configures the Ethernet/IP or PROFINET links in a Commander C, Digitax HD or Unidrive M, reducing setup time and leaving more time to focus on the PLC application development.

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Motion configuration

Five function blocks provide functionality to support applications across the motion spectrum.

Allows frequency control of an open-loop axis Commander C, Digitax HD and Unidrive M
Allows speed control of a closed-loop (including sensorless) axis with Digitax HD and Unidrive M600/M70x
Allows speed control of an axis with dynamic control over motion parameters Digitax HD and Unidrive M70x. Includes dedicated jogging reference.
Single motion or up to 10 index moves can be defined and executed with Digitax HD and Unidrive M70x. Multiple homing modes.
Electronic gearbox scaled motion with Digitax HD and Unidrive M70x. Master reference switchable at the PLC at run-time Multiple homing modes.


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