• Overview

SI-INTERBUS has been designed for easy integration of Control Techniques’ drives in applications that use Interbus fieldbus. The new module features include the ability to use up to 63 nodes on a network, and supports data rates of 500 kBd and 2 MBd.


  • Up to 63 nodes on a network
  • Supported data rates:
    - 500 kBd
    - 2 MBd
  • Cyclic data sizes of up to 10 words in / out
  • Non-cyclic access supported using standard PCP, CT Single Word and PPO 4 word modes protocols
A Remote Bus Out adapter is available for an easy retrofit of existing applications using SM-Interbus


Drive compatibility

  • Commander C200
  • Commander C300
  • Unidrive M400 
  • Unidrive M600
  • Unidrive M700 
  • Digitax HD