Smart control saves energy
Smart control provides 20-30% energy savings

The challenge

Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast, home to Sentosa Cove, the first and only oceanfront residence in Singapore. A unique development unsurpassed and unrivalled, it comprises more than 2,000 oceanfront villas, waterway bungalows, hillside mansions, and upscale condominiums.

Setonsa Cove is home to a unique installation, known as the Dolphin Fountain. Visitors to the area can witness the spectacular sight of a pod of dolphins ‘playing’ among sprays of water. It was time for the landmark to undergo a refurbishment and Sentosa Cove’s M&E contractors, Navitech, were looking for variable speed drives that could provide smart, efficient control of the fountain jets.

The solution

Navitech purchased eight Control Techniques’ M200 Unidrives via Kimms Electrical to do the job.

Exploiting M200’s communication flexibility, Navitech integrated the drives into the fountain control system via Ethernet IP. The variable speed drives control the compressors to regulate the jet sprays’ height, using the Modbus protocol creating an attractive display.

M200’s onboard PLC boosts the intelligent control. Engineers can now program the fountain display from a remote app, saving both time and resources.

Furthermore, Unidrive M200 has an easy-to-use fixed LED keypad and a useful, hard-to-miss parameter guide on the front of the drive, aiding set-up, relieving some of the pain points installers typically face. 

The benefits

The biggest saving that Unidrive M200 presents is that it ensures the motor doesn’t pull excessive current when it starts, controlling the overall demand factor to keep utility bills as low as possible. 

“Our end customer is thrilled with the outcome of this project. They are saving 20-30% of energy compared to DOL running mode/soft starter. The compact size of M200 – it is among the smallest in class - made installation straightforward and generally easier to manage, reducing the space and cost required. Our end customer received an excellent quality product that offers more functionality than they had previously. Our experience with Control Techniques has been superior; the team provided strong technical support and is always quick to respond to queries.”
- Mars You, Managing Director, Navitech

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