Marshal App Interface for Commander S AC Drives
Revolutionize the way you interface with your drive

Control Techniques has a long tradition of challenging the status-quo with innovative ideas and making a profound impact in the drives industry. And we've done it again with Marshal: Control Techniques is the first drive supplier to implement NFC technology as standard on a drive and offer the Marshal app interface at no extra cost.

Your Drive Expert In The Field

Marshal is your drive expert in the field. This rich content interface means you can commission, clone, diagnose system issues and monitor the drive in just a few screen taps. 


  • Power off or on commissioning (even in the box)
  • FastStart – assisted commissioning. Only 4 simple steps to get you up and running
  • Advanced features available in parameter setting
  • Pre-set application configurations


  • Parameters can be easily transferred from one drive to another - just tap to write as many drives as you want
  • Back-up and restore drive configuration via the app


  • Share configuration via Outlook, OneDrive, WhatsApp etc.
  • Shared configurations are compatible with Marshal & Connect (our PC commissioning tool)
  • Export customized wiring diagram and drive configuration to PDF format

Offline Capabilities

  • Create new configurations in the app
  • Open existing projects to review/change parameters


  • Guided diagnostics for the system even without drive alarms or errors
  • Diagnostics available with power off or on
  • Get support for drive alarms within the app
  • Error log & active error diagnostics – view active and historic error info
  • Differences from default – compare configuration against factory defaults


  • Activate the 5 Year Warranty via the app
  • Access & download support materials via your Control Techniques account

Monitoring and security

  • Quick view of parameter settings & drive status
  • Restrict access to drive configuration via PIN
  • Quick visualization of I/O, motor, and speed settings

Contact us

  • Access to worldwide distribution network and local drive centers for sales and technical support


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