Solar Pump Solution for Sustainable and Highly Efficient Water Management
16 January 2024
Control Techniques, a pioneer in innovative energy solutions, announces the launch of its new Solar Pump Solution 

As our population grows, so too does our demand for more energy.  Considering 20% of all global electric consumption is attributed to pumping systems, the need for continuous, energy-efficient pumping solutions has never been more critical. The Solar Pump Solution developed by Control Techniques provides not only a cost-effective and scalable solution but will deliver reduced operational costs, improved availability, and increased sustainability by using locally generated renewable energy to keep the pump running.

Let's take irrigation as an example, the Control Techniques Solar Pump Solution addresses these urgent issues by harnessing the power of the sun to get water to where it needs to be, irrespective of power infrastructure, availability, and the associated costs. Providing a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for pumping systems, in remote and challenging environments. Thus, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional electric pumps, and converting previously unserviceable locations into areas where water can be transported to for purification or irrigation purposes. 

Breaking down the benefits, customers now have the flexibility to operate efficiently whether on or off the grid. Once set up, the drive can be configured to automatically connect to grid power for operation outside daylight hours or as a ’Hybrid’ system, blending solar and grid sources to achieve maximum benefit of their solar investment without affecting performance. With a quick return on investment, this eco-friendly, pollution and noise-free solution is the way forward. 

The result is a reliable and continuous pump operation even when the power supply is solar, grid generated or hybrid. Full control of the system is ensured by features such as DC bus control loop, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and low irradiation start/stop. Furthermore, the Solar Pump Solution can control the most efficient motors available, meeting IE5 efficiency levels, such as the Nidec Leroy Somer Dyneo+ hybrid permanent-magnet motor. With all this combined, the Solar Pump solution is the customers best choice to save money and protect system components. 

Compatible Drives for the Solar Pump Solution

General Purpose Commander C, this compact drive offers super quick start up and flexible connectivity, combining efficiency and reliability to offer optimum performance for solar pump applications.

High Performance Unidrive M600, this drive allows customers to achieve maximum flow control using advanced motor control algorithms for water management flexibility. Designed to improve energy efficiency by up to 98% in all applications by minimising losses during the conversion process. All Unidrive M600 drives conform to safety standards with direct safety system integration. 

To ensure systems are protected, downtime is avoided, and onsite maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, the embedded features in the Solar Pump Solution include controlled pressure ramp-up when filling pipes, pump dry-run prevention, no-flow protection and tank-full/well dry control, cleansing cycles to clear the pump impeller to avoid blockages and sleep mode to further minimise energy consumption. 

Wherever you are in the world, you can rely on Control Techniques for detailed analysis of processes and pump performance, service packages, support with project bidding, assistance in meeting EMC regulations, solutions to combat supply harmonics issues, supportive tools to help calculate emission levels, and local manufacture and delivery of specialist products and solutions. 


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