Cost effective solution for conventional I/O machine to drive connectivity
02 April 2024

As part of its commitment to continued drive development, Control Techniques introduces the SI-I/O 24 Plus, a simple yet cost-effective option module that provides a plug-in high density I/O expansion solution for its dynamic Digitax HD servo drives and high performance Unidrive range. This offers a convenient solution for drive-based machine control using conventional I/O rather than the networked method. Drives can be mounted close to the machine which avoids the need for an expensive PLC, remote I/O or a complex software solution.

The SI-I/O 24 Plus also provides a perfect migration path for machines controlled by Epsilon EP Servo drives, enabling them to be upgraded to the latest high performance Digitax products for improved productivity and accuracy. There is no need to completely re-wire when retrofitting machines, the new drive motion control can be configured using the simple PowerTools Studio, Motion Made Easy® software environment. Further costs are saved with no investment required in expensive motion solutions that require licensing and resource-heavy complex programming.

The SI-I/O 24 Plus targets servo-centric industries such as Packaging, Material Handling, Automative, and Automated Assembly, with the smooth upgrade enabling Epsilon EP users to continue using Control Techniques, the drives specialists, as their chief supplier of motion products. Providing 16 digital inputs (8 high speed), 8 digital outputs and an incremental encoder input (AB Servo), the SI-I/O 24 Plus is accompanied by a DIN rail mountable HD44 breakout terminal interface board, and HD44 cable. This package provides all the hardware required to conveniently upgrade to Control Techniques’ latest servo product lines.

The PowerTools Studio, Motion Made Easy® software is downloadable from the Control Techniques website, free of charge.

Control Techniques are committed to delivering products that exceed expectations. With the SI- I/O 24 Plus, users can experience increased productivity and efficiency from their machine control system using their latest servo drive lines. 

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