DFS Series High Power Freestanding Drives
Unidrive DFS Free-Standing Drives
High Power Freestanding Drives
100 HP to 1,250 HP
460 V | 575 V
UL Type 12 (NEMA 12), UL Type 3R (NEMA 3R)
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For many drive users, designing and building a high power drive enclosure requires extensive in house engineering expertise and time that they do not have.

  • Pre-engineered, Highly Configurable
  • Industry Best Lead-times
  • Ready-to-ship units available
  • Easy to Service, Compact Design
  • Pair with Nidec’s leading motor technologies
    Induction Motors | Permanent Magnet Motors

           ACCU-Torq® AC severe duty motors       

Control Techniques' Unidrive DFS (Drive Free Standing) is a pre-assembled, ready to install drive enclosure system designed for use in high power applications to deliver optimum motor control and energy efficiency. These enclosed drive solutions are available in both UL Type 12 / NEMA 12 enclosures, and UL Type 3R / NEMA 3R enclosures.

Unidrive DFS Highlights:

No extra engineering required!

✓ Easy to integrate Rittal enclosures that include as standard: NEMA12 roof-vented, circuit breaker (35kA MCCB), fuses (UL), line & sharing chokes, and cabling (UL).
✓ Broad suite of option packages to meet various demanding applications & environments
✓ Increased safety against arc-flash with provisioning for isolator sequestering
✓ Compact design minimizes footprint
✓ Serviceable design, allowing fast & easy access to key components, including drive modules mounted on rail-system for safe, easy servicing

Easy to configure, ready to ship

  • Simple to quote and order thru local Control Techniques partners.
  • Factory stocked complete systems to support emergency shipments.
  • Rapid lead-times, in as little as:
    • 1-5 days up to 450 HP
    • 5-10 days up to 1,250 HP
    (Dependent on options & quantities)
  • For more info, download the Unidrive DFS brochure




Whatever your application, DFS is the perfect solution across industry:


High Power Freestanding Drives for Fans & Pumps  Fans & pumps

  • Fan & pump macros, plus onboard logic functions
  • Water hammer control, and catch a spinning motor
  • On-board Fire Mode
  • Improved energy efficiency during low demand

High Power Freestanding Drives for Compressors  Compressors

  • On board PLC & PID functionalities for advanced control without the cost and footprint of an external controller
  • Energy efficiency and optimal control for increased Coefficient of Performance (CoP)
High Power Freestanding Drives for General Automation  General automation
  • Maximum control for conveyors with S-ramp acceleration/deceleration profiling and RFC-A automated load control
  • Efficient control of mixer applications and up to 200% overload
  • Closed-loop control for cranes and hoists for precision accuracy
  • Reliability and control for crushers
  • Precision and repeatability for extruder applications thru high-dynamic speed response, while delivering best energy efficiency with permanent magnet motor control
  • High energy efficiency and torque control for tunneling and drilling applications and up to 200% overload


Maximum versatility, variants for every application

Unidrive DFS is available with a control stage to suit any application:

  • Industrial automation systems based upon induction or servo motors, where control dynamics are key.
  • DFS supports the latest high-efficiency motors to maximize return on investment and minimize impact on the environment.

Select from:
Unidrive M600, M700, M701, M702 or Unidrive M702 control:


High Performance Sensorless PM and IM Control.

  • Modbus RTU over RS485 communications
  • 1 x STO certified to SIL3/PLe
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Optional IM closed loop vector control


High Performance PM and IM Control

  • Multi-protocol Ethernet communications
  • 1 x STO certified to SIL3/PLe
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Advanced Motion Controller and optional Machine Controller


High Performance PM and IM Control.

  • Modbus RTU over RS485 communications
  • 1 x STO certified to SIL3/PLe
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Advanced Motion Controller and optional Machine Controller


High Performance PM and IM Control.

  • Multi-protocol Ethernet communications
  • 2 x STO certified to SIL3/ PLe
  • Digital I/O onboard, analog I/O option available
  • Advanced Motion Controller and optional Machine Controller



  Connect - intuitive commissioning software
Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring drive/system performance.
machine-control-studio-icon  Machine Control Studio - programming tool
Control Techniques' Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming new automation and motion control features.

Enclosure rating

NEMA1 (Totally Enclosed, Filtered)
NEMA12 (IP54)


35°C (95°F) Standard or 45°C (113°F) Ambient Temperature Rating
(Drive rating of 40°C (104°F) and 50°C (122°F) respectively)
Anti-condensation Heaters


Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) 35 kA*
Molded Case Circuit Breaker 65 kA*
Molded Case Circuit Breaker 100 kA*
MCCB Shunt Trip 110 V
MCCB Under Voltage Trip 110 V
MCCB Auxiliary Contacts
Harmonic Filters
Input Contactor
Incomer Bay (DFS1 Only - Isolated MCCB & Fuses, supports top or bottom cable supply)

Door Controls

Remote Mounted Keypad (Standard)
Start & Stop Pushbuttons
Running & Power-On Lamps
Fault/Reset Pushbutton & Lamp
Auto/Manual Selector Switch
Speed Potentiometer
Ethernet/110Vac Outlet
Emergency Stop (Standard or w/ relay)
Power / Energy Meter
180 degree hinged doors
Locks: Barrel Type (Standard), Key, or Padlockable


dV/dt Protection
Brake Control
Motor Blower Starter

Enclosure Configuration Options

MOV protection for use on un-earthed supplies
Remove internal EMC filter for use on un-earthed supplies
24 Vdc External Supply (maintains control of drive with isolator open)
Additional terminal rail for customer control connections
110Vac Control Interface (24 Vdc Standard)
Interior Lighting
4” Plinth-base (Standard), 8” Plinth-base (Optional)
Additional Enclosure Bay with backplate (15.75”)

Freight & Packaging

Expedited Shipping
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