SM-Applications Lite V2

The SM-Applications Lite V2 module is designed to provide programmable control for standalone drive applications or when the drive is connected to a centralised controller via I/O or Fieldbus. SM-Applications Lite may be programmed using ladder logic with SyPTLite or can make use of the full automation and motion capabilities contained within SyPTPro.


  • Easy powerful configuration – SM-Applications Lite can be used to tackle automation problems from simple start/stop sequencing with a single drive to more complex machine and motion control applications.
  • Real time control –The SM-Applications Lite module gives real-time access to all of the drive’s parameters, plus access to data from I/O and other drives. The module uses a high speed multi-tasking operating system with task update times as low as 250μs. Tasks are synchronised to the drive’s own control loops to give the best possible performance for drive control and motion.


Drive compatibility

  • Mentor MP