About Us
Who we are

Creating the world’s motion

We provide electric drive solutions that add value to our world, from the production of food, movement of materials and people, to keeping us comfortable in any environment. 

We are a global drives manufacturing business, that over 50 years, has expanded and now operates in over 70 countries. This means we are always close to our customers, can speak to you in your own language and can guarantee fast and efficient service and support when it’s needed.

Together, we make the world spin smarter.

For a sustainable future

Sustainability is becoming a leading driver in the electric drive technology market with businesses looking to adopt energy-efficient practices. We can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our electric drives offer significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, process control, equipment reliability and reduced lifetime costs, making them a key technology for a forward-thinking business looking to reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability performance.

Where we are headed

In our relentless pursuit to bring you the very best in variable speed drives. We are committed to continued improvements by:

  • Investing in our people and facilities
  • Manufacturing drives using the very latest machinery and technology
  • Building our product portfolio using the latest technologies to reach new levels of quality and performance

True innovators

With Research and Development facilities in five global locations, housing world class engineers at the top of their game, we continue to develop technological advancements in automation, seamless integration, and user-friendly interfaces.

Manufacturing excellence

With manufacturing facilities in four global locations covering China, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, we are set up to fully support our customers with shorter, more resilient supply chains. By ensuring that products are always available wherever our customers need them brings reassurance that lead times are kept to a minimum.

Set up to service your needs wherever you are in the world

With Drive Centres in 23 countries, we have local engineering experts on hand to provide support throughout the development lifecycle of your application. We provide everything from in-house project design and management, comprehensive software development and engineering support, panel-building, bespoke application solutions to installation and project commissioning.

Our service and support teams go above and beyond to provide the right level of support to ensure your machines and applications give you the best possible performance.

Our recent history

2023 was our 50th year… 

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we released a short film which shows our past but also paves the way for a bright and exciting future. A story that shows our entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for challenging the status quo. Undoubtedly, innovation, design, knowledge, and expertise are at the core of everything we stand for. Be it past, present, or future, our determination to be the number one drive supplier remains strong.

Meet DM-50, a character who embodies our drives and innovation. Dynamic, and spirited, this character represents our belief that no challenge is too great to overcome. We are proud of our history and excited to see what the next 50 years will bring. 

Click here to view our 50th anniversary short film 

From the beginning 

It all began in 1973…

KTK building in 1973…when, in a rapidly emerging drives market, three men felt that the company they worked for wasn’t evolving or innovating fast enough and decided to do something about it.  KTK, named after its three founders, was born. The trio, Ken Briggs, Trevor Wheatley and Kevin Curran, established their own drives manufacturing company in the heart of Mid Wales.  

KTK’s vision was to provide a new innovative drive that would meet the needs of the market. The following year they did just that with the release of the KTK 415V DC thyristor drive which improved performance, reliability, and energy efficiency for motor control. 

In 1985 the business upsized its premises and repositioned itself as Control Techniques, it had been enjoying fast and profitable growth and needed to expand to keep up with product demand. As it grew in Newtown, so did its network globally, having developed close relationships with customers on a global scale, the necessity to be able to service them locally was a big part of the business strategy. From its early beginnings, Control Techniques today has its Headquarters, manufacturing, and R&D facilities firmly planted in Newtown with 23 Drive Centres around the world and a partner network in 70 countries to service customer needs.

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