Digitax boosts performance by 30% at Italian food packaging plant
Improved throughput and quality

The challenge

Automation One sought a solution for its customer, ENCA, to increase productivity and performance in its bespoke welding machines. Its systems are used to produce bags and packaging for fresh and frozen products, including food, medication and bodily fluids. Transporting these items requires complete thermal stability, which is achieved through the unique manufacturing processes provided by ENCA and Automation One’s innovative solutions.

The solution

A new machine, incorporating Digitax, was created which allowed better adjustment of cutting areas, and provided more precise control of film tension. Previously, the machine’s stop-start motion had led to undesirable transients in the film. The new system, with Digitax at its heart, avoids this issue while also delivering a noticeable boost in performance. 

The benefits

Mario Dusi, from Automation One, said: “Using Digitax enabled us to deliver a system which increases overall performance and productivity by 30%, compared to the previous system. This boost speeds up the welding machines while also guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.” Mr Dusi also praised the seamless backwards-compatibility of Digitax; “Commissioning and installing Digitax was so simple. Parameters and settings were quick and easy to locate, which greatly reduces engineering costs and makes it an attractive proposition for our customers’ machines. Choosing Control Techniques means there is always a solution available to us.”

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