Drives power slitter machines
Control Techniques at the heart of highly rated slitter machines

The challenge

Deacro’s current facility was designed to meet the tremendous demand for converting equipment, while providing the improved service that today’s converters require and a working environment geared towards quality control and optimised service.

In 2004, to ensure its machines retain the high standard of quality, precision and functionality the business has become known for, it began a search for more flexible, dynamic drives. Clarence Beishuizen, Deacro president, said: “There were many drives which were comparable price wise, but none offered the flexibility in programming and customer support as with the CT drives.”

The solution

Control Techniques started to supply Deacro with Unidrive and Digitax. More recently it has switched to the latest Commander C300 and Unidrive M700 series.

By changing to the new drives, the Deacro machines no longer require a PLC. Machine control is provided via multiple MCi210 modules installed in the drives. The MCi210’s power the Unidrives, Modbus TCP/IP Remote I/O’s, and pneumatic valves on the machine.

“The Control Techniques drives are the heart of Deacro’s control system. They offer us exceptional flexibility, particularly with the winder block design and optional modules to add our specific features. We build the highest quality slitter rewinders in the industry. And, with the increasing needs of our customers for the latest technology and faster web speeds - up to 3000 fpm – we require the most innovative control technology that is only offered by Control Techniques. They help create the most technically advanced equipment for our customers.

Clarence Beishuizen - Deacro president

The benefits

The long-term relationship has provided many benefits to Deacro but none more so than the flexibility of the programming on the drives and excellent customer support.

Clarence added “We have ongoing support, whether it is adding new features, or we are building a new machine – they help with engineering development as well as product technical support. This is highly important for the development of our machines.”

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