Guaranteed free water supply to winer
Commander C200 drives using natural resources to power and control water management in areas that need it the most

The challenge

They needed a solution to enable them to take advantage of natural underground water, to raise it above ground level to a holding vat until it is needed in an area where no electricity source was available. Their two options were to make a big investment outlay to bring grid electricity to where it was needed or a more cost-effective method of using a solar pump solution, using drives and dedicated software that would enable them to harness the natural energy of the sun to run their pumps.

The solution

Control Techniques’ engineers in Spain set about designing a bespoke economical solution. Commander C200 drives equipped with intelligence integrated into its PLC and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) optimisation software meant an efficient solution could be achieved for standard pumping applications.

The solution enabled them to take advantage of solar energy to manage an autonomous operation, without the need for any additional elements, which would serve their needs for both water extraction and irrigation. 

Another consideration was the distance the drive would need to be away from the submerged pumps. Control Techniques were confident their solution could effectively handle these types of issues. Txakoli Bikandi now has installed two Commander C200 drives working independently of each other, powered by solar panels, and each of them driving a pump submerged more than 300 m underground.

The benefits

A clear commitment to eco-efficient solutions has realised:
  • Ability to harness the sun as a source of electricity
  • Low-cost solution versus installing grid electricity
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed water supply
  • Solution that can be customised to suit an application
  • Easy set up 

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