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Control Techniques drives improve airflow management and reduce energy

The challenge

Baumer’s Wrap-Around cartoners are the ideal solution to pack products in a simple and safe way into wrap-around carton, high tray, and display cases. The advanced technology and the dedicated systems make these machines suitable for every type of product, including rectangular and oval containers. Cartons are erected around the products, resulting in a solid and robust protection.

Baumer’s Shrink Wrappers with GreenTech Tunnel™ are versatile and easy to use. Their flexibility makes them suitable for any production requirement, including film only, tray+film, and pad+film

Likewise, the company’s Combi solution includes the special BM-BELT™ system. This system enables a shift within the same machine from the wrap-around function to the shrink wrapper function – and vice versa – in just a few moments, automatically. Hence, one can easily understand the reason why this innovation has rapidly gained ground with clients. It offers all the typical benefits of both earlier machines, however, integrated into a single unit.

Previously Baumer had worked with various drive brands, but none offered the flexibility that distinguishes the Control Techniques offer. The company sought an energy-efficient solution to control airflow and temperature in the high-speed processes typical in food and beverage packaging production. 

The solution

Today Baumer relies on a combination of Unidrive M, Digitax HD, and Commander C300 to control the airflow and temperature in its packaging machines. Marco Stanzani, Marketing Manager Baumer, said, “At first we used Unidrive SP. The transition from Unidrive SP to Unidrive M700 ensured the cloning of the parameters, but above all, the motion and PLC project. The mechanical compatibility guarantees an easy replacement directly in the field without mechanical interventions.”

The introduction of centralised motion control has allowed Baumer to offer a more up-to-date solution leaving the decentralised system unchanged; this allows greater flexibility and guarantees excellent operation.  

The benefits

The relationship with Control Techniques has delivered multiple benefits for Baumer, but above all, it makes things easy. The modularity of Unidrive M700 and Digitax HD guarantee a comfortable, easy to use and flexible application for its machines.

Furthermore, spare parts are readily available, limiting downtime on production lines. The integration of the new drives has improved the management of airflow inside Baumer’s GreenTech Tunnel. They provide independent control of the air flux for each lane, ensuring shrink wrap is wrinkle-free and reducing heat waste. 

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