RMA Request Form

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Please fill out the RMA request form before each return delivery, regardless of whether it is a repair order, a warranty case or an incorrect delivery. If this form is not filled out before a return delivery, we will charge you a handling fee of 25,00€. 

After receipt of the completed RMA request form, the case will be processed. You will receive an e-mail with the return delivery note and the RMA number for further correspondence. Please send your return delivery together with the return delivery note to the address given. Please remove any options you have not listed in this form. Options not listed will not be processed.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Please enter your company data here.

In the case of a warranty, please give the name of your supplier or machine builder.

Enter a different delivery address here.


Enter the unit details here. Please list option modules individually. Up to 4 items can be entered per form. For higher numbers, please fill in additional forms. Our frequency inverters with a motor frequency >550Hz are subject to special export restrictions. Therefore, please tick the respective selection window if you require motor frequencies >550Hz. An end user declaration (EUU form) must be completed by the customer for the repair of each frequency inverter >550Hz.