Reaping the Benefits of Electrification and Automation in Agricultural Equipment
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Agriculture has historically been aided by the development of new technology, and we see that trend continuing with Nidec's line of products. Whether you are looking to eliminate the maintenance issues that accompany hydraulic systems, wanting to increase the efficiency of your equipment or designing a new product, we can provide the expertise you need to meet your goals. Nidec motors can be utilized in equipment such as harvesters, conveyors, mixers, pumps and autonomous equipment.

The demand for electric motors in farming continues to grow as new environmental regulations on diesel engines contribute to an increase in their cost, weight and size. In addition, hydraulic systems require scheduled maintenance and can potentially leak hazardous fluid onto fields. These issues can be avoided by utilizing electric motors instead of hydraulic systems. Finding quality labor has become another common issue in modern agriculture, but technological advances in agricultural robotics are ushering in a new era of autonomous equipment that can help alleviate this concern.



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