Energy Efficiency Improvements

Cut energy costs by around 40%

Energy Efficiency Improvements

The Challenge

The company is constantly seeking ways to optimise the productivity of its manufacturing operations including a strong focus on reducing energy consumption

In 2014, Zanardi approached GBM, a Milan-based supplier to the foundries industry. GBM in turn asked Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer to look at reducing the energy consumption of Zanardi’s central fume aspiration system. The aspiration system, which removes harmful gasses from the air inside the foundry, is essential to protecting the health of factory operators but consumes an enormous amount of energy. Zanardi wanted to investigate ways in which these costs could be reduced without impacting on employee safety.

The Solution

Energy saving experts from Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer, working in collaboration with Zanardi staff, collected data to provide a clear picture of how the equipment operated. Engineers replaced the existing drive system with an upgraded high efficiency AC motor and a Powerdrive MD2 variable speed drive. The drive system was updated in parallel with the existing electromechanical start-up meaning that it is possible to use the old system as an emergency bypass.

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The Benefits

The drive and motor solution has delivered a 40 percent reduction in energy costs for the aspiration system. Which now consumes less than 1,200 kWh per day on average (down from 2,000 kWh per day previously) and will have a payback period of less than two years. The upgrade project was awarded a recognised energy efficiency certificate.

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