Introducing the new Commander C Series of AC Drives

Meet the new Commander C general purpose drives from Control Techniques

Introducing the new Commander C Series of AC Drives

MAR 08, 2019

commander c general purpose vfdMinneapolis, MN (March 15, 2019) – We are pleased to announce the return of the Commander C family of AC drives. The Commander C series comprises two variations of general purpose drives and will replace the company’s Unidrive M200 and M300 drives.

The new family of AC Motor Speed Controllers: Commander C

Commander C200 meets the needs of a broad range of general applications, and includes features designed to make setup and installation as straightforward as possible.

Commander C300 has the same features and functionality but includes dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs for general motor control applications requiring safety.

The Commander C series are simple and compact AC motor speed controllers that meet advanced requirements in a wide range of applications. Their small footprint – among the smallest in their class – makes them ideal for machine builders and OEMs, where space is at a premium. Both models also include powerful functionality, designed with usability in mind. An on-board PLC, for example, provides embedded intelligence which removes the need for an external controller, saving on both cost and space when installing Commander drives into a system or enclosure.

Commander C’s wide power range, from 0.33 HP to 200 HP (0.25 kW to 132 kW), also makes it the perfect solution for both lower power and high-power applications. Additionally, in more complex applications, Commander C benefits from compatibility with Control Techniques’ extensive range of plug-in option modules, expanding functionality and capability across a wide range of well-known fieldbuses.

A suite of tools is available to ensure commissioning and maintenance tasks run smoothly.

For fast task-based commissioning and easy maintenance, Connect PC software offers a familiar Windows interface and intuitive graphical tools to enhance data analysis. The dynamic drive logic diagrams allow the visualization and control of the drive in real time. The parameter browser enables viewing, editing and saving of parameters as well as importing parameter files from our legacy drives.

For more advanced applications, Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming. This is possible thanks to the on-board PLC that increases the drive’s functionality at no extra cost.

Control Techniques also provides support for customers’ own function block libraries, with on-line monitoring of program variables with user defined watch windows and help for on-line change of program, in line with current PLC practice.


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