High Performance, Scalable, Future-Proof: The Continued Evolution of Unidrive

High Performance, Scalable, Future-Proof: The Continued Evolution of Unidrive

MAY 04, 2021

Control Techniques once again brings the spotlight onto its flagship Unidrive product line, claiming its position as the ultimate universal drive

The move is backed up by a significant new promotional campaign, highlighting the broad spectrum of benefits you get from choosing a Unidrive. The ‘Obsessives Included’ campaign introduces the talented teams behind the drive, strengthening the message that when you choose Unidrive, you get much more than just the product itself.

Since its launch, the current generation of Unidrive has continued to evolve and to increase its capabilities. Being universally suitable for torque, speed, and position control applications - so the same drive can be designed in to control all the different parts of a process -, Unidrive now also supports multiple communication protocols within a single drive. This allows Unidrive to fit into any architecture, including systems requiring functional safety. Its scalable machine control features, supported by a built-in, 1.5 axis advanced motion controller and a range of integrated second processors, also make it the perfect choice for centralised and decentralised architectures in a range of industries and applications.

The new campaign shines the spotlight on everything that goes into making Unidrive the leading high performance drive it is today. From employing the best engineering talent to continue optimising and improving its functionality, to the global network of experts ready to support customers whatever their technical challenge; our Control Techniques ‘Drive Obsessives’ always come included with the product.

Anthony Pickering, President of Control Techniques, said: “The past few years have been exceptionally busy for Control Techniques, bringing innovative new products to market, but it’s important we continue to give our flagship drive the attention it deserves.

“Our Unidrive family is our most versatile, capable product line and has always been a huge part of our heritage at Control Techniques. We wanted to celebrate everything that goes into making it such a success story for us."

“We have the best brains working obsessively on improving its capability, and the results are there for all to see. We look forward to working with innovative engineers everywhere to push the boundaries of what’s possible and promise to continue our relentless obsession with making it the best high performance drive on the market.”

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