Commander SK Provides Timely Solution for Crevoisier SA

Commander SK Provides Timely Solution for Crevoisier SA

Commander proves timely solution for machine manufacturer

The Challenge

The individual parts of a watch require polishing before the watch is assembled. As the standard of finishing has risen, the size of parts has become more precise, often to within 1 microm. This makes assembly difficult as many of the parts can hardly been seen by the naked eye. “When polishing small parts, you need to be confident of the speed,” said Crevoisier’s Research & Development Project Manager. “Also important is torque, at a low speed constant high torque is required to ensure the quality of polishing.” In addition, the new C-5001 lapping and polishing machine needed to provide variable, accurate speed and fit a compact table-top design.

The solution

The Commander SK was key to achieving these objectives. It can attain the high level of precision required and its compact frame could be set inside the C-5001. Furthermore, polishing sequences could be programmed directly onto the drive, eliminating the need for a PLC – saving space and money. A colour touchscreen HMI panel was connected directly to the drive so the operator could save settings for certain watch parts or materials, saving time in the polishing process.

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The Benefits

“In this industry you must bring new products to market regularly as you need to show the customer that you are ahead of your competitors and listening to their requirements,” continued Crevoisier’s Research & Development Project Manager. “The C- 5001 does this as it offers a much-improved package compared to its predecessor C-501 which did not feature a drive and worked from a belt design with 4 settings. The new machine can be set to give a speed anywhere between 250 to 3750 rpm, is more compact, quieter and easier to use!” “Control Techniques have really helped us in the design of the new machine, the technical support they have provided, such as programming the HMI panel, has been invaluable. The quality of their products was known to the company and they were able supply the whole package – the drive and HMI panel.”

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