Improved Efficiency for STS Crane in Honduras

Improved Efficiency for STS Crane in Honduras

The Challenge

Due to tough global competition in the international container shipping market, the port of Puerto Cortés is constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency. As part of the ongoing drive, ENP decided to refurbish one of the two 20-year-old PACECO manufactured STS cranes to improve its performance. The goal was to improve container handling, provide more rapid and precise crane positioning, and reduce downtime and maintenance.

The Solution

Working with ENP, Control Techniques switched the electrical system from DC to AC and replaced the LV electrical equipment and LV auxiliaries, the drives, the PLC and its devices, and the crane control software. Thirteen Unidrives were installed on the active front end, hoist, trolley, boom and gantry. The crane’s DC motors were replaced with AC FLS motors from sister company Leroy- Somer, which included a 560 kW AC hoist motor, a 55 kW AC trolley motor, a 75 kW AC boom motor and sixteen 11 kW DC gantry motors. The motors are controlled by Unidrive digital drives connected via a Profibus and fibre optic network to a type S7-300 PLC.

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The Benefits

The SM-Application modules that operate the hoisting motors use a load balancing function to control hoisting and calculate the maximum lifting speed. With the spreader empty, the SM-Application modules enable movements at the maximum programmed speeds.

Control Techniques’ dedicated crane control software – the Crane Management System (CMS) – greatly improved the efficiency. The CMS incorporates leading-edge digital technology and a distributed operations system based on Fieldbus. It is programmed onboard the SM-Application modules that are fitted to the PACECO crane’s hoist drives. The CMS relieves the operator of delicate and repetitive tasks by optimising the crane’s movements and trajectories, as well as improving position location and reducing load swaying. The CMS also contains software packages for diagnostics and maintenance that automatically monitor the cranes to assist technicians with repair and preventative maintenance operations.

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