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Unidrive, Commander, Digitax and the Pump Drive families can now connect to all POWERLINK networks. SI-POWERLINK

SI-POWERLINK serves applications ranging from simple open-loop systems through to those demanding precise motion control.

POWERLINK is a communications protocol based upon standard Ethernet and provides a solution for real-time industrial Ethernet to satisfy the requirements of industrial automation and process control. High-speed, deterministic response times are ensured via a mix of timeslot and polling procedures.

POWERLINK is used in applications in industries including automotive, energy management, machinery, industrial automation, railway and maritime transportation, robotics, vision systems and many more.


Drive Range High Performance General Purpose
General Unidrive, Digitax
Commander, Pump Drive
Maximum number of modules per drive 1 1
Smartcard parameter backup/restore
Maximum number of drives on single POWERLINK network
As defined by POWERLINK standard
Drive Parameter Access All drive parameters accessible
Maximum parameter mappings per PDO

Examples of supported configurations:

  • 8 x 32 bit parameters IN and 8 x 32 bit parameters OUT, or
  • 16 x 16 bit parameters IN and 16 x 16 bit parameters OUT, or
  • 32 x 8 bit parameters IN and 8 x 32bit parameters OUT
Maximum RPDO + TPDO buffer size, e.g. the total
number of bytes that can be transmitted and received
64 bytes
Inter-option Parameter communication
Not currently supported
Minimum network cycle time
500 μs
Minimum drive parameter update rate (read/write)
500 μs
20 ms
Drive control loop synchronization
Supported N/A
Drive Parameter Access
Inter-option parameter communication
Supported N/A
Minimum drive parameter update rate (read/write)
10 ms 50 ms

Ordering Guide

Option Module
Order Code
SI-POWERLINK 82400000021600