ID300 Perfectspeed

ID300 Perfectspeed

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Following rapidly changing industrial trends and technology, system designers have turned to highly integrated solutions to deliver innovative products that meet their growing customer demand. We have combined our super premium SynRA™ motor with our ID300 drive to create an integrated drive motor that performs reliably, efficiently, and is easy to install and maintain - the ID300 Perfectspeed.

Offering unparalleled flexibility, this plug and play product features our ID300 drive - a decentralized drive system which perfectly combines performance and reliability with higher levels of energy efficiency than the IES2 system classification. Working in tandem, the SynRA variable frequency motor adds the starting benefit of an induction motor, the operating benefit of a pure synchronous reluctance motor, and suitability benefit from the simple volts/hz drive.

ID300 PerfectSpeed Advantages for Pump and Fan applications:

  • Eliminate separate mounting of VFD
  • Eliminate separate procurement of the VFD
  • No calibration of drive to motor
  • Reduced radio frequency due to close proximity of drive to motor
  • IE4 or IE5 efficiency
  • Lowest lifetime cost of operation option for commercial building applications
  • Connect to building automation systems
  • Call Nidec for any questions for both the motor and drive

Save time and money with an enhanced user experience by using the ID300 PerfectSpeed integrated motor drive.

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2022 Ned Innovation Award