In Ground Pool Motors


    The Affinity® motor/control is a programmable, high efficiency pool pump motor designed to be an easy, drop-in field replacement that can be wired with minimal or no modifications. System control changes are not required. This variable speed, brushless permanent magnet motor offers the U.S. MOTORS energy efficiency and durability our customers expect.

    Because Affinity motor/control employs no switching mechanisms, motor noise is minimal, especially when the motor is programmed for low flow rates. The ability to program the Affinity motor/control for lower speed operation increases the efficiency of the pool’s filtration process and minimizes the motor noise and the hydraulic sounds created by the pump.

    Affinity motor/control is a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor. TEFC construction adds an important line of defense against motor failure because there are no ventilation openings. This design helps prevent the intrusion of rain, dust, bugs, rodents and other contaminants into the motor. The controller is mounted in an enclosure to help prevent damage from foreign contaminants.

    Affinity Pool & Spa Motor
  • AFFINITY 2 Speed

    The Affinity® 2 speed motor and timer is an easy-to-install two-speed pool pump motor with an integrated programmable timer, designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency and utility dollar savings.

    The timer mounted on the Affinity 2 Speed motor makes it easy to program operating times and flow rates for maximum energy savings. The Affinity 2 Speed motor can be programmed to run on high at 3450 RPM or low at 1725 RPM; and at different times and speeds for weekdays and weekends. Running the Affinity 2 Speed motor on low speed optimizes pool energy savings while maintaining the manufacturer’s suggested daily water flow to properly filter the pool.

    The Affinity 2 Speed motor is factory programmed to be a drop-in replacement for a standard single or two-speed pool pump motor with only minor programming required. Just set the time and day of the week and the motor is ready to operate. It’s easy to customize speed settings for maximum energy savings. Simply program on and off times for low and high speeds. Operating the Affinity 2 Speed motor on low speed saves the most utility dollars.


    Don't waste time and money – our AQUA-SHIELD® pool motors are designed to provide superior moisture resistance with four levels of water and debris protection. Our easy-to-access drive shaft, high-visibility angled terminal board and capability to change voltage (115v to 230v) with a flip of the switch make AQUA-SHIELD one of the easiest and quickest motors to install on the market today.
    Our AQUA-SHIELD motor solutions offer what consumers want:

    • Long life
    • Moisture resistance
    • Quiet operation


    AQUA-SHIELD chosen as a Pool and Spa News 2018 Top 50 Product by consumers!

    Aqua-Shield Pool Motor

    U.S. MOTORS pool & spa motor features


    AQUA-SHIELD PRO™ builds on the award-winning AQUA-SHIELD legacy with enhanced durability and features. Its premium powder coating provides a longer-lasting finish for corrosive environments. Its run capacitor design removes the start switch, which is the leading cause of a no-start condition. This moisture-resistant motor was engineered as a direct replacement for most brands of motors and fits onto other pumps, across a range of OEMs. This means spending less to replace a motor rather than a more expensive pump.

    • Finned Aluminum Totally Enclosed (TEFC) frame keeps windings and bearings drier, cleaner, and cooler.
    • Top mounted conduit box is easier to access in tight spaces and better protected from weather, making this one of the easiest motors to install on the market.
    • 115/208-230 Voltage rating for poor power quality areas and the ability to change voltage at the flip of a switch.

  • Pool Cleaner Motors

    Our AQUA-SHIELD brand pool cleaner replacement motors provide an optimized internal airflow design that minimizes heat and moisture buildup inside the motor. An internal bearing cover protects the drive/pump end ball bearing from water and debris that may occur inside the motor.

    These energy-efficient, switchless design pool cleaner replacement motors feature 300 series stainless steel shafts, thermal protection and class B insulation. Three additional layers of drive/pump end bearing protection include:

    • Double sealed ball bearing
    • Lip seal
    • Water slinger