Reliable refrigeration motors for the global cold chain

Lower your energy consumption and boost your refrigeration equipment reliability with a U.S. MOTORS® brand refrigeration motor. You can trust U.S. MOTORS refrigeration motors, manufactured by Nidec Motor Corporation, to deliver the stable temperatures you need to ensure the safety and quality of your perishable goods at every step in their production and distribution.

          Explore our standard motors for the refrigeration industry:      

If you want to maximize energy savings and minimize the risk of food spoilage, we can help you find the right condenser fan motor design for your application. U.S. MOTORS has an extensive line of industry-leading refrigeration motors for both OEMs as well as replacement motors for major OEM refrigeration equipment. We also have online tools to help you find a replacement motor quickly.

Wherever you are on the global cold chain, you will find a reliable U.S. MOTORS brand refrigeration motor product that has been engineered for optimal performance and durability in a variety of environmental conditions. Because in your business, motor failure is not an option.

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