Above Ground Pool Motors


    AQUA-SHIELD EZ48™, part of the U.S. MOTORS® brand family of pool motors manufactured by Nidec, is designed to provide superior moisture resistance inside the motor where water and debris can damage windings and cause premature motor failure. The EZ48 features additional bearing protection like other AQUA-SHIELD motors.

    This motor delivers the three layers of bearing protection provided on our AQUA-SHIELD motors today (double-sealed ball bearings, lip seal and water slinger). In addition, the EZ48 features a new internal bearing cover that protects the drive end bearings from internal moisture. Optimized internal air flow minimizes moisture buildup inside the motor.

    With other features like voltage change at the flip of a switch, switch design that protects against corrosion and improved air flow that improves life expectancy by three times (based on tests), the EZ48 provides both efficiency and reliability.

    Don’t waste time and money. The AQUA-SHIELD EZ48 is one of the easiest and quickest 48 frame motors to install on the market today.