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Energy-efficient, easy-to-install pool and spa pump motors to save you time and money

Rely on US® –Pool owners will experience more fun and less worry with our U.S. MOTORS® brand pool and spa motors. Our hard-working pool and spa motors help keep chemicals balanced, water clean and filter efficiency maximized.

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New Installs or Replacements

Whether you’re looking for a new pool and spa motor or a replacement pool pump motor, you can depend on our products for energy efficiency and quality. Our motors work with a variety of brands so we have a solution for you. View our pool and spa pump motor replacement guide.

Our different mounting solutions:

  • Round-flange/C-face pool motor -- threaded and keyed shaft
  • Square-flange pool motor
  • Thrubolt mounted - threaded shaft above ground pool


Our motor applications:

Featured testimonial:

We've had really good luck with the motors. High-quality motors with a fair price. There are a lot of companies out there but we've had great luck with Nidec and leaned on them for years.

      -Sparkle Brite Pools of Northport


Cheaper isn't always less expensive!

Find out how much energy costs you can save with a Neptune pool pump motor. Pool Pump Savings Calculator



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