February 2021 Driving Force Blog

Combining the Best of Both Worlds: Integrated Motor Drives

Continuously, industrial plants' needs are changing to require highly integrated solutions that are built to withstand harsh environments. The past two decades have seen an increasing demand for solutions that are smaller, more compact, easier to transport, simpler to install, and quicker to integrate into existing supervisory systems. Enter: Integrated motor drives.

Exactly as the name suggests – integrated motor drives are a combination of a motor and a drive which (often) features automation components. Typically, these items, when separate, live in two different environments. Electronic controls are designed to live in centralized and climate-controlled enclosures whereas motors are typically operated in severe conditions (humidity, dust, vibration, severe temperature) found in the industrial world. The combination of the two does not seem like it would be a great match at first, however, by fusing these two technologies in to one package – complete with cooling units and protective housings, the possibilities of efficiency and effectiveness are endless. 


By bringing these technologies together, there may be a potential to lower supplier system cost by up to 20-40%. Not only is there cost savings in the system itself, but there is also an elimination of long cable runs between the components. Not only are integrated motor-drive solutions sensible from the perspective of efficiency in the line and when creating a system, they are extremely effective when installing in an existing line or even as a replacement. Pump room designers, facilities managers, and building maintenance personnel can enjoy reduced assembly time with these compact and rugged solutions. These integrated systems can go from the planning board to reality quicker than traditional methods, meaning that valuable hours or even days are saved. 

Easy Installation

By combining the motor and drive components into an integrated solution, installation is simple. In most cases, such as with Nidec Motor Corporation’s ID300 Fusion Integrated motor drive, simply wire up the drive, connect your communication cables and sensors, and configure for your application. Say goodbye to costly drive cabinets, long shielded VFD power cables, and motor protection filters.


Integrated motor drives are perfect in applications for pumps that require a variable speed of 1HP to 10HP drivers. 

Integrated motor-drive solutions are invaluable pieces of the facility design puzzle. These solutions are cost effective, efficient, and with appropriate electronic connection, can be monitored in real-time. There is no doubt that the usefulness found in these solutions will continue to prove helpful as we drive towards industry 4.0 thinking ways of operating business and facilities. 

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