2020-2021 Patent Award Recognition

As part of its investment into its innovative culture of research and development, Nidec Motor Corporation continues to implement its annual Intellectual Property Award Program.  The Award Program is designed to encourage inventors to invent and to submit their inventions for patent consideration.  The Award Program includes monetary awards and other recognitions such as patent award plaques, trophies for prolific status, and an annual award ceremony for patent activity. The Award Program further recognizes inventors who receive their 10th patent, 20th  patent and 30th patent. This Award program also recognizes first time patent filers.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, our diligent NMC engineers and researchers continued to develop patentable inventions. Below is the list of patent awardees for 2020 and 2021, including links to some of the patents.

 2020 Grants 2021 Grants 
Lunjie Lu
Michael W. Major
Marc J. Corcoran
Mark Emanuel
Ryan M. Bastien
Chetan O. Modi
Douglas  D. Glenn
James L. Skinner
Anandan C. Velayutham
William D. Moore
Philip S. Johnson
Paul G. Michaels
Hector Hernandez
John H. Hussey
Tarris A. Reed
Ryan Timothy Wade
Morgan Jeremy Silvey
Robert J. Ploof Jr.
Donald R. Mertens
Bret. S. Clark

Steven R. Palmer
Jeffrey Sherman
Richard A. Belley
Marc J. Corcoran
James L. Skinner
Andrew F. Poag
John T. Scoble III
Thomas E. Kirkley Jr.
Joshua M. Biro
William D. Moore
Richard J. Fadler
John G. Schrader

 2020 First Time Filers 2021 First Time Filers

Robert T.  Back
Priscilla K. Dobbin
Anthony J. Coloma
Oran Henry Wiseman

Jeremy Beck
Timothy Sullivan
Scott Wolf
Justin Mumaw

 2020 Prolific Inventors 2021 Prolific Inventors
Michael W. Major – 10th
Douglas Glenn – 10th
Ryan Bastien – 10th
Christopher Schock – 20th
Paul G. Michaels – 30th

Raymond Heilman – 10th
Rich Fadler – 10th

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