New Aqua-Shield EZ48 Frame Pool Motor
01 November 2017

ST. LOUIS – Nov. 1, 2017 – The Aqua-Shield® EZ48 is Nidec Motor Corporation’s newest member of its U.S. Motors® brand family, and one of the easiest and quickest 48 frame pool motors to install in the market today.

With easy access to the shaft, field servicing the pump is dramatically simplified. The motor also features an angled terminal board, which allows visibility from the top down since many pumps are located up against a structure or near shrubbery. There is also additional space in the back end to make connections.

The Aqua-Shield product line is designed and built to last, with superior moisture resistance inside the motor where water and debris can damage windings and cause premature motor failure. In addition to three layers of bearing protection (double-sealed ball bearings, lip seal and water slinger), Aqua-Shield EZ48 features a new internal bearing cover that protects the drive end bearings from internal moisture.

The redesigned fan, baffle and bearing cover work to optimize the air flow over the internal assembly of the motor. Tests reveal that this creates a “dry zone” that improves life expectancy by three times.

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