Sump Heaters
Sump Heaters

Sump Heaters are commonly known as Immersion Heaters and are used to heat various types of liquids. Depending on the application a wide range of heating temperatures may be achieved by selecting the available wattage's. We use the Immersion Heater to warm the bearing oil in the bracket Sump.

Nickel - Chromium resistance wire - precisely centered in the unit, assures even, efficient distribution of heat to the sheath.

Magnesium Oxide insulation - compacted to the proper density results in high dielectric strength and contributes to faster heat-up.

Incoloy Sheath - resists corrosion from water. The sheath may also be made of other materials such as steel, stainless, cast iron, and other nickel alloys. The selection depends upon the compatibility with the liquid in which the heater must be immersed.

Metallurgically - bonded conductor pins - overlap the resistance wire inside the core, ensuring trouble-free electrical continuity.

Lead end with silicone rubber seal - protects the heater against moisture contamination.

Optional stainless steel fittings - are available for use in corrosive applications.

Sump Heaters operate on single phase AC voltage.

Sump Heaters are normally mounted horizontally near the bottom of the container in a non restrictive place to offer proper convective circulation. The heated portion of the heater should be immersed at all times. When needed we normally install one heater and one thermostat into each bracket sump.

Selection is based on the customers application.