Vertical HighThrust Motors
Vertical HighThrust Motors

The manufacture of this type of motor includes specific assembly settings of thrust and guide bearings. The motor is refine balanced and should not require resetting or rebalance at time of installation.

The following method is employed at the factory and should be rechecked in the same manner before any changes are made.

Setting of Bearing (end play) .005 Min - .010 Max

  1. The shaft nut is turned clockwise until it is bottomed and cannot be turned anymore. At this point bearings have zero end play. The nut is then backed off counter-clockwise to obtain the end play.
  2. Secure a dial indicator base to face of bearing mount.
  3. Position indicator stem on end of shaft.
  4. Turn locknut clockwise to remove all end play. Observe shaft movement in upward direction on dial indicator. When indicator reading shows no more movement of shaft, back off locknut counter-clockwise until indicator pointer registers a change of .005 - .010. Repeat the operation for added assurance of correct setting. After correct setting, secure lockwasher tab to locknut.

Motor Vibration

The factory has refine balanced this type of motor using a vibration meter. Lead pellets are peened into the holes provided for this purpose on the face of the bearing mount. The face and register are checked for runout and should not exceed .005. If the unit is equipped with a ball non-reverse ratchet, it then is refine balanced on the unit by adding washers under the heads of the screws spaced between those which secure the ball retaining ring. Therefore, all screws may not have a washer. The exact location of these washers and position of ratchet on bearing mount, if changed, will affect the vibration of unit and will require re-balance.

The coupling supplied with this unit has been balanced independent of the unit, and will not affect the balance of the unit.

There may be an advantage in positioning the coupling and checking the bore runout in the various positions. It should not exceed .005 total indicator reading. Maximum displacement for motor vibration is .00084.

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