Industry Applications
U.S. MOTORS brand provides efficiency for various industry applications

Nidec Motor Corporation creates energy-efficient motors that power industry applications across the world. Our U.S. MOTORS® brand features a full line of high efficiency motors – large and small – which serve industrial, residential and commercial markets in industry applications ranging from water treatment, mining, oil and gas, and power generation to pool and spa motors, air conditioning condensers, rooftop cooling towers, and commercial refrigeration.

Nidec Motor Corporation is on the forefront of industry energy efficiency efforts. We have participated in energy efficiency policy development as it relates to electric motors. The U.S. MOTORS brand NEMA Premium® † line of high performance commercial and industrial motors is designed and built for direct replacement of older existing motors still in use. This line helps industry applications reduce energy consumption and comply with recent energy efficiency regulations.

NEMA Premium U.S. MOTORS brand motors feature upgraded open dripproof and totally enclosed motors that meet or exceed legislative requirements. From motors designed for commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, and pool and spa applications to motors supporting large industrial processes, our products exceed industry and government efficiency standards – making it possible for you to reduce your energy use and save money.

  • U.S. MOTORS brand products innovate farm and agriculture
  • Compressor motors with proven reliability and performance
  • U.S. MOTORS Brand Commercial Building products keep energy costs down
  • Commercial gate and door motors built for dependability
  • Durable washdown motors engineered for food and beverage processing environments
  • Three-phase general purpose motors that exceed industry standards
  • Home appliance motors that provide both power and quiet operation
  • Our efficient HVAC motors keep rising energy costs at bay
  • Metals industry motors constructed to ruggedly stand up to harsh conditions
  • Our industrial and mining motors withstand the harshest conditions
  • Oil and gas motors that stand up to the toughest industry needs
  • Reliable packaging industry motors that support 24/7 production
  • Pulp and paper motors that provide peak performance in harsh applications
  • Energy-saving pump motors that are built to last
  • Reliable refrigeration motors for the global cold chain
  • Reliable water and wastewater motors that optimize performance, minimize maintenance