Get the most out of your U.S. MOTORS brand irrigation pump motor

Our U.S. MOTORS® brand vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors have been powering irrigation pumps like yours for almost 100 years. Well, 97 years, to be exact. We've learned a few things during that time, including the importance of preparing for the growing season.

Just like growers, we prepare for the next season well before the first seed gets planted.

  • We ramp up production to ensure our warehouses are fully stocked to provide motors where and when they are needed. We maintain warehouses in Hastings, NE, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Southaven, MS to provide same day/next day availability for motors critical to your operation.
  • We maintain relationships with hundreds of EASA certified motor service shops across the country, providing you with the support of an extensive independent service network of technicians trained to support U.S. MOTORS branded products.
  • We train pump manufacturers and groundwater contractors on how to select, start-up and maintain your pump motor. No matter whether your irrigation system requires a constant speed or constant pressure pump, a short set or deep well turbine, Nidec Motor Corporation builds and stocks a U.S. MOTORS brand motor for your application.

irrigation system actively spraying water on growing crops