World Motor NEMA and IEC
World Motor Horizontal Motors
World Motor horizontal motors offer severe duty performance in both IEC and NEMA standards
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When your severe duty applications need severe duty performance, the innovative cast-iron, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) World Motor® line products stand up to the harshest environmental conditions. Comprised of HOSTILE DUTY®, CORRO-DUTY®, 841 PLUS® and INVERTER DUTY™ products, the World Motor horizontal motors line provides you a robust family of U.S. MOTORS® brand products featuring world-class design and exceptional quality.

These products are built to withstand a variety of severe duty applications in oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, saw mills, foundries, chemical plants, waste management and other process-related industries. If you are looking for versatility and global functionality, World Motor products meet or exceed either National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA®) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. This helps your company save money thanks to increased energy efficiency over other products.

  • Easier Connection. World Motor is built with a larger conduit box for easier connection.  Improved conduit box sealing provides better environmental protection.
  • Versatility. Multiple conduit box locations and connection options are available for an easier fit into any installation.
  • True cast iron 140 frame size. Full cast iron construction is more robust than the standard rolled steel. World Motor provides sturdy reliability in severe duty applications.
  • Perfect replacement motor. Dual drilled feet make replacing older installations – that may have accommodated smaller or larger motors – easier. There’s no need to change the mounting pad or foundations.
  • Longer fins for better cooling. The motor runs at a lower temperature thereby increasing the life of the winding insulation. A cooler running motor delivers higher efficiency.

Nidec Motor Corporation understands that time is money, and it is critically important to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. Our World Motor horizontal motors can take your company to the next level of efficiency and success. We can easily provide fast delivery to your facility. If you can’t find a stock motor to suit your needs, one of our engineering teams can design a customized solution to meet your unique specifications.

For fast delivery to your facility, we’ve stocked World Motor horizontal motors in 1 - 350 HP, with 2, 4, 6 pole designs, 200, 230/460, 460 and 575 voltage, NEMA 140 to 449 frames and IEC 90 to 280 frames. Custom motors come in 1 - 350 HP, 2, 4, 6, 8 pole designs, special voltage, NEMA and IEC frame motors, with F1, F2 or F3/0 mounting capabilities. Standard features on custom motors may be available through our Fast Track™ program, while non-standard are engineered to order. Stock motors are rated Class B rise at 1.0 service factor and Class F rise at 1.15 service factor with full Class F or better insulating materials.


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