Switched Reluctance Motors & Drives

High efficiency switched reluctance motors for demanding industrial environments

If you are looking for a motor that adds power to a variable-speed operation, look closely at a U.S. MOTORS® brand switched reluctance motor from Nidec Motor Corporation. Our high-efficiency switched reluctance motors and drives give you a higher torque rating than standard induction motors with an equivalent frame size.

Because U.S. MOTORS brand SR motors have no brushes, windings, motor bars or end rings, they can stand up in your harshest environments. Their compact, straightforward construction makes them easy to integrate into your existing product or operation.

When combined with Nidec’s SR Drives®, you get IE4-compatible performance on a motor system that operates at a high efficiency across the entire load range. A “rare-earth free” alternative to permanent magnet motors, these motors also support your “green” technology goals. These are just a few of the reasons why our switched reluctance motors and drives can be found powering high speed centrifugal pumping systems, load-out conveyors and other demanding industrial applications throughout the world.