Electrical References
Electrical References

Submittal Connection Diagrams - a numerical reference index of various connection methods.

Accessory Connection Diagrams 

When 3-Phase Motors May Run Single Phase - five specific cases where running a 3-phase motor on single phase power is allowable.

Motor Power Factor & Energy Conservation - understand how to conserve energy by improving power factor on your electrical equipment.

Starting Methods for Induction Motors - a reference section illustrating and summarizing the various starting methods and the specific applications in which they are used.

Typical Connection Diagrams - 3 Phase Motors - a reference section illustrating the various connection methods of three phase induction motors.

Unbalanced Line Conditions - a list of the causes for unbalanced line and the effects on motor performance.

Unbalanced Voltages - an in-depth description of the effects of unbalanced voltages on motor performance.

Voltage & Frequency Variation - an explanation of the variations of voltage and frequency.