Spa Motors

  • 48 Frame Thru Bolt

    Our 48 Frame Thru-Bolt Spa Motors are available as either single speed or two speed to provide greater variety to suit your specific needs. These spa motors offer features like Thru-Bolt mounting, Class F insulation, thermal protection and reliable quality. The single speed option is available with horsepower options ranging from 1/2 to 3. The two speed, soft start option ranges from 0.5/0.06 HP to 3/1/3 HP.

    The U.S. MOTORS 48 Frame Thru Bolt spa motor’s open drip proof enclosure helps keep water out of the motor, and its rear-mounted fan helps keep the motor cool when in operation. If you’re in need of a pool and spa motor with a smaller frame designed to be both efficient and reliable, this could be a good option.

  • 56 Frame Thru Bolt
    The 56 Frame Thru Bolt spa motor has the same durability, moisture resistance and energy efficiency as the 48 Frame Thru Bolt and also offers both single speed and two speed options. It differs from the 48 Frame in that it provides HP options running from 1 1/2 up to 5 5/8. In need of Class F insulation, Class B Temperature Rise, sealed ball bearings and thermal protection? This reliable and energy-efficient spa motor is designed to meet these specifications as well.
  • Variable Speed

    The 56 Frame Variable Speed ECM Spa Pump Motor offers great versatility for spa or hot tub manufacturers and homeowners alike. This ECM product puts the versatile power of any speed into your hands. Whether you seek the comfort of pulsating flow, massage therapy or any other speed, you can count on this flexible motor to meet your needs.

    This energy-efficient spa motor is UL and CE approved, GFCI compliant, meets current Department of Energy standards and provides a low amp draw. The product is rated for up to a full high speed 3.0 horsepower load or 12 amp pump designs at an ambient rating of 55°C. It offers various methods for connections to spa packs as well. If you’re looking for a better massage experience than your current motor provides, this ECM product could be a great option.