Nidec Shares Motor/Control Expertise at 2023 Groundwater Week
28 November 2023

Nidec welcomes visitors to Booth #403 at National Groundwater Association event Dec. 5-7

ST. LOUIS, MO – Nov. 28, 2023 – With more than 100 years of experience serving the groundwater and irrigation industries, experts at Nidec Motor Corporation are inviting groundwater professionals to its booth at National Groundwater Week to discuss trends and best practices for this evolving industry. Nidec is featuring two product lines used in groundwater applications - U.S. MOTORS® and Control Techniques.

In addition to Nidec experts sharing information at the company’s booth, Patrick Hogg of Nidec is leading a workshop on how to navigate the intricacies of the Build America, Buy America Act (part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act). Attendees can learn about compliance guidelines, unresolved aspects of the Act, and the importance of pinpointing one’s position in the supply chain. He will also equip attendees with crucial questions to ask when submitting project bids. The workshop is Dec. 5 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in Room N115/N117. 

At the Nidec booth, the vertical HOLLOSHAFT® from U.S. MOTORS will be prominently featured. This motor line has been setting the standard for the vertical turbine pump industry since its invention in 1922. Known for longevity, reliability, and ease of use, the HOLLOSHAFT and solid shaft pump motors can be configured to exact vertical motor application requirements.

These durable vertical motors keep farming, turf, municipal and industrial pumps up and running for the long haul, in even the harshest conditions. Whether extra protection against dust or corrosion, or special protection for variable frequency drives, U.S. MOTORS brand vertical motors are available in multiple sizes and feature innovative, performance-focused design. Whatever frame or efficiency level selected, Nidec and U.S. MOTORS brand products help drive a great return on investment by offering energy efficiency and reliability.

Nidec’s Control Techniques division will exhibit the control product lines that are frequently utilized in groundwater applications, delivering efficiency and helping to reduce operating costs. Products on display include:

Commander S AC Micro Drive is the first drive available on the market with onboard NFC technology. The drive can be configured in minutes via a smart phone app without requiring power to be applied to the drive. The drive is IP20 rated and backed by a five-year warranty and three different power ratings.

Commander C AC Compact Drive is a digital communicating VFD available in a wide range of input voltages up to 690 V and power ratings up to 200 hp. The drive is IP20 rated with optional NEMA 1 kit for plenum mounting and suitable for use in environments with A2L refrigerants. The extensive on-board parameter set and PLC functionality, coupled with plug-in communication options, including Ethernet, provide low-cost, drive-based process control solutions.

Pump Drive F600 AC Drive provides simple and reliable flow control and was designed specifically for pumping. The drive packs features needed for simplex and multiplex pumping applications. The drive is available in multiple input voltages and rated up to 4,200 hp. The drive is also available in IP65 / NEMA 4X rated for indoor use up to 30 hp, making it a simple choice for harsh environments.

Wall Mount Panels (WMP) provide packaged solutions ready for fast deployment and can scale to nearly any pump size and functional requirement. Save engineering cost, resources, and time with pre-engineered and built to control single and multiple pump applications without a costly PLC. Control Techniques’ pump packages contain the F600 Pump drive developed with easy-to-use pump application specific software functions.

About Nidec Corporation, Nidec Motor Corporation and U.S. MOTORS®

Nidec Corporation is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. Based in Kyoto, Japan, Nidec Corporation offers motors ranging from micro-size to super large, as well as application products and services in IT, automation, home appliances, automobiles, commercial and industrial systems, environmental, energy, and many other businesses. Nidec is comprised of approximately 300 group companies employing more than 140,000 people all over the world. 

With headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) is the leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and appliance motors and controls. The NMC product line features a full line of high efficiency motors, large and small, that serve industrial, residential, and commercial markets in applications ranging from agriculture, water treatment, mining, oil and gas, and power generation to pool and spa motors, air conditioning condensers, rooftop cooling towers, and commercial refrigeration. NMC also makes motors, controls, and switches for automotive and commercial markets.

Nidec Motor Corporation’s U.S. MOTORS brand encompasses a complete line of general and special purpose commercial and industrial motors from 1/30 horsepower through 4000 horsepower for a wide variety of applications. Since 1908, the U.S. MOTORS brand has stood for exceptional product reliability and performance. It is one of the oldest and trusted brands in the motor industry and is recognized worldwide as the mark of leadership and technological innovation.

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