Therma Sentry
Therma Sentry

Therma-Sentry is a thermal protection system that is activated by excessive winding temperature. Therma-Sentry protects against the most common causes of motor failure including: high or low supply voltage, unbalanced line voltage, single phase conditions, abnormally high ambient temperatures, blocked ventilation, starting overload and running overloads.

The system consists of three (3) Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistors, one per phase, embedded in the winding end turns, internally connected in series, with two leads brought to the motor conduit box.

A solid state control module is provided for panel or DIN rail mounting.  The control module has quantity one each normallyopen and normally closed form C contacts rated at 3 Amps Max.

NOTE: The control module must be separately excited by a separate 24-240 AC/DC voltage source.

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