About Our Mena Facility
About Our Mena Facility

In our 347,000 square-foot Mena, Arkansas facility, our quality U.S. MOTORS® brand stock and custom electric motors have been manufactured by skilled and dedicated employees since 1966. The Mena facility continues to invest extensively in processes which improve quality, speed-to-market, and cost effectiveness. Recent upgrades include:

  • A 500-ton aluminum rotor die cast system
  • 1200mm vertical turret late (VTL) for machining large components
  • CNC processes for producing form wound coils
  • An induction brazing system for copper bar rotors
  • Robotic frame drilling systems
  • A precision grinding system for large shafts and rotor assemblies

Employees at this facility undergo customized training classes for core manufacturing skill sets, use of new technology and leadership development through a partnership with the University of Arkansas and Rich Mountain Community College. 

Inside Mena

Our State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility runs on leading-edge processes, testing methods, and a culture of continuous improvement. This runs alongside our mission to provide customers with exceptional, application-specific products and dedicated service before and after the sale.

The Mena facility is ISO9001-2008 certified. This means that our manufacturing and quality processes have been optimized to meet international quality standards. This facility is also one of the few certified by The American Petroleum Institute (API) for production of the API 547 motor used in the oil and natural gas industries.

Specializing in large vertical and horizontal motor manufacturing, the Mena facility offers the flexibility of motors customized to specific application requirements. In fact, of our 5,800+ motors produced annually 70%, are highly specified engineered-to-order products.

Products manufactured:

  • 400-9600 frame integral horsepower vertical and horizontal motors
  • 250-5000 HP
  • 220-6900V
  • Engineered-to-order
  • Switched Reluctance (SR) motors
  • Rotors and Stators for Cryogenic Motors Applications
  • Induction generators
  • Copper, copper alloy and aluminum bar rotors
  • Rolling element and hydrodynamic bearings
  • 2-24 poles

Read more on our Mena facility here.

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