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U.S. MOTORS Brand Commercial Building products keep energy costs down
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U.S. MOTORS, a Nidec Motor Corporation brand, has a vast portfolio of products specifically designed to support a wide-range of commercial building needs while keeping energy costs down. 

Most motors in commercial buildings are used to power fans and pumps in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The remaining commercial motors are used to power office equipment, vertical transportation (elevators), sprinklers, other systems,  and other building systems. Motors used in these buildings are purchased as part of, or together with, other equipment or systems, such as air handlers, compressors and air conditioners. 

U.S. MOTORS offers a full line of fractional and integral motors  to keep your building running smoothly and without downtime. Our line spans every building system from hydraulic elevators, water support and supply systems to HVAC motors for indoor air quality and comfort.

As your one-stop shop for commercial building products, our product offerings include:

  • Commercial Pumping, Commercial Ventilation, and Cooling Towers
  • A wide selection of specifications (customize your frame, HP, Voltage, IP, enclosure, type, and more!) to fit application needs and best optimize your pumping or HVAC system
  • The ability to offer catalog, converted, custom, or engineered-to-order models that best fits your building's structure
  • A vast combination of motor and drive combos with integrated options to keep operations going smoothly, no matter how large or small the project

Did you know that the Department of Energy has published rules that update the baseline federal energy efficiency performance standards for the construction of new Federal commercial and multi-family high-rise residential buildings? The goal is to reduce energy consumption from buildings via smart buildings technology. U.S. Motors has options for variable speed motors and drives that can help accomplish not only company green-goals, but also put you in compliance with these governmental regulations.

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