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  • Plant Services
    29 April 2024
    Critical motors and motor-driven systems are ubiquitous in industrial environments. Technology providers are continually devising distinctive motor designs and advanced motor optimization solutions to increase uptime, efficiency, reliability, and performance.
  • Pumps & Systems
    28 March 2024
    Dan McGrath first entered the industry as a product specialist with the U.S. MOTORS division of Emerson, which was later acquired by Nidec. After some prodding from friends and realizing he wasn’t a fan of the traditional 9-5 job structure, he decided to try his hand at sales. Now, in 2024, McGrath serves as the vice president of sales for Nidec and remains passionate about managing a large sales team.
  • Pumps & Systems
    11 March 2024
    Tim Albers guest writes for Pump and Systems to give users a better foundation for preparing for the future with an in-depth review of the implication of these new DoE rules.
  • Pumps & Systems
    25 January 2024
    Tips to help prevent costly downtime and unexpected failures from Mark Gaskill.
  • Pumps & Systems
    21 November 2023
    The advantages and disadvantages of choosing a synchronous motor for an application versus sticking with induction. Authored by U.S. MOTORS own Tim Albers.
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