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  • Pumps & Systems
    21 November 2023
    The advantages and disadvantages of choosing a synchronous motor for an application versus sticking with induction. Authored by U.S. MOTORS own Tim Albers.
  • Pump & Systems
    13 November 2023
    Stephen Cockman is enthusiastic about the industry's future, anticipating transformative technologies that will enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability, particularly in the electric motor sector.
  • Pump Engineer
    03 October 2023
    The pumping industry is on the verge of a technology transformation thanks to the significant impact of federal funding in the U.S. and the focus this funding has on innovation in the development of pumping systems. Although the funds benefit U.S. motor and pump manufacturers, end users everywhere will benefit from the increased energy efficiency and lower energy costs these investments are spurring. Authored by U.S. MOTORS own Patrick Hogg.
  • Water Well Journal
    18 September 2023
    Water scarcity and federal incentives are driving high-efficiency irrigation systems. Authored by U.S. MOTORS own Patrick Hogg.
  • Pump and Systems
    14 August 2023
    How government funding will aid use of new technology. Authored by U.S. MOTORS own Patrick Hogg.
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